Pishgaaman Dry Port

Iran's Trade Hub    

Pishgaaman Dry Port Cooperative Company was stablished in 2012 with 51,000 shareholders with the vision to provide an inclusive supply chain. The company was founded as the first cooperative dry port in the center of Iran after obtaining officials permits from the government. Currently, the first phase of the 700-hectare port has been put into operation.

 Pishgaaman Dry Port provides the merchants with its inclusive supply chain with a wide range of cutting-edge services including port services, logistics, value added services, as well as freight forwarding, refrigerated warehouses, warehouse rent, import and export plus inspection services. The port aims to become the chief hub for transportation of goods in the Middle East region as it offers the highest level of amenities and commercial infrastructure in a safe environment. 

 The Dry Port enjoys a powerful set-up plus state-of-the-art information and communication technologies. It is connected to the national customs database, having the most advanced systems to clear the goods and track the shipments while the shippers and consignees can virtually monitor the whole process.

Customs Services and Customs Brokerage in Dry Port's Exclusive Customs

 Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration's office has been established inside Pishgaaman Dry Port and the merchants can clear their goods either for import or export. Pishgaaman Dry Port's Customs area is now in operation on an 8-hectare arena with all the necessary facilities such as two railroads, loading and unloading platforms for land and rail transportation while the whole surface of the area has been covered with armored concrete and a well-equipped building is standing there as customs office. After choosing Pishgaaman Dry Port in their customs declaration, the merchants can transport their goods to the dry port via road or rail.

Road, railroad and marine transportation services

 Connecting to the national railroad network has facilitated loading and unloading for bulk freight cars as the spectacular facilities in Pishgaaman Dry Port include a shunting yard with seven tracks and sidings. Majority of shipments that arrive the dry port have multi-modal transportation that is the goods are loaded in the point of origin and transported via trucks, then stored and ultimately loaded and sent to the point of destination. Upon the clients' requests, weighbridge or rail scales could be added to the list of services together with unloading at destination. Pishgaaman Dry Port can also undertake storing and delivering FOB at marine pots, the instance of which is a clinker shipment exported to Oman through Pishgaaman Dry Port. It is worth mentioning that an exclusive airport has been built in the vicinity of the dry port that is capable of transporting 40 tons of goods. 

Port Services: Loading and Unloading, Stripping, Stuffing, and Packing

 Sufficient facilities have been provided in Pishgaaman Dry Port for unloading and loading bulk freights, containers and general freight to ensure safety for merchants' goods. The port can offer stripping and stuffing as well as lashing and packing on trains or inside the containers. Therefore, the merchants can send their commercial goods to the dry port before booking containers for stripping and stuffing.

Refrigerated Warehouse

 Pishgaaman Dry Port has 39 refrigerated warehouses with a total capacity of 15,000 tons for both freezing and cold storage. 

Storage Services

 Pishgaaman Dry Port is equipped with two separate covered warehouses, each as big as 5,000 square meters as well as 8 hectares of open top warehouses for storing customs goods and general goods, plus 3500 square meters of warehouse with roof in customs area. To add to this, over 10 hectares of open top warehouses have been allocated to bulk products. 

Managing Supply Chain for Goods and Services

 Supply chain for goods and services in Pishgaaman Dry Port is determined and offered depending on different needs of merchants and shippers, manufacturers, importers and exporters including customs services, clearing goods in an exclusive customs, port services such as unloading, loading, stripping, stuffing, and packing; storage services both in covered warehouses, container depot center, rail scale, inspection services, etc. 

 Equipped cold storages, Bazargaam (the online website to buy fruits and vegetables), Ecobaar, online transportation registry system, Pishgaaman Kavir fruit and Fruit juice products Cooperative Company, Novin Pars Pishgaaman rail transportation cooperative company are all parts of the supply chain in Pishgaaman Dry Port.   


Based on Pishgaaman Dry Port's vision, within the next 20 years, the port will turn into the most modern logistic port of the Middle East in which majority of activities will be implemented online using the most up-to-the-minute technologies.