Customs Services

Customs Services and Clearance at Dry Port's Exclusive Customs 

The Customs Administration of the Islamic Republic of Iran has established a branch office at Pishgaaman Dry Port where merchants can either clear their imported goods or export their commodities. It is important to note that the customs area as big as 8 hectares has been in operation at Pishgaaman Dry Port equipped with all the necessary infrastructure such as railroad connection platforms, loading and unloading platforms, an 8-hectare fenced area the surface of which has been covered with fiber reinforced concrete together with a big building allocated to customs offices. The merchants can choose the dry port as their destination or departure port in their customs declaration paper and carry their goods to and from the dry port via road or railroad. 

 Moreover, according to a contract with the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines (IRISL), Pishgaaman Dry Port has been agreed to be the depot center of empty containers and merchants in Yazd can experience lower costs and faster services for export and import. Merchants and exporters in Yazd can contact container depot at Pishgaaman Dry Port and book containers or they can hand their empty containers to the port after import is accomplished and terminate demurrage. Upon request for empty container, the container(s) will be allocated in the shortest possible time.