1. Connection of Pishgaaman Dry Port to the national railway network has facilitated loading and unloading of bulk loads thanks to the dry port's infrastructure including shunting yard with 7 rail lines. 

Most of the shipments sent from dry port are of multi modal transportation nature where the shipment is carried to the port via road transportation, then stored in dry port and as a final point the shipment is loaded into the train and delivered at the destination. Pishgaaman dry port also provides services such as railroad track scales as well as weighbridge, stripping at destination upon clients' request.

 Storage and FOB services are also offered at sea ports as certain amount of clinker has been exported from the dry port to Oman. 

 Apart from offering logistic services and solutions as well as diverse services throughout supply chain, Pishgaaman Dry Port offers attractive discounts for transportation to CIS region qua a 30-percent discount for private freight wagons and a 20-percent discount for state freight wagons are offered. Moreover, a discount of 17% is obtainable for transportation to Turkey.

 A private airport next to the Dry Port can also handle 40 metric tons of goods which is considered a brilliant advantage for this economic dry port which can be utilized by merchants.